Ann Patchett one of Time’s Most Influentional People

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So happy to read that Time magazine has recognized Ann Patchett, not only for her wonderful writing, but also for her advocacy of the printed word. I would still be proud of my decision to make Patchett my author project for 2012, but this recognition just reinforces my choice. She has such a beautiful way of crafting sentences. I always find myself wanting to stop and re-read her words. It’s no wonder she values them so highly.

I respect that she put her money where her mouth is. She doesn’t just talk about printed books, she opened her own bookstore in Nashville. Then she went on national television to talk about that (and so much more.) If you haven’t seen her interview with Stephen Colbert, check it out here:

I admire her willingness to put herself out there and embrace new topics, write both fiction and non-fiction, and even step into the world of opera. Chicago’s Lyric Opera recently announced that their first original commission opera in many years will be Patchett’s BEL CANTO. This is exciting.

So far I have read (in this order) BEL CANTO, STATE OF WONDER and THE PATRON SAINT OF LIARS. Next up for me is TRUTH AND BEAUTY.

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