I’m a Joan

Mad Men

Mad Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like millions of others, I adore the AMC series, Mad Men. I was late to the game, ignoring its first season until I could no longer stand listening to my co-workers, friends and husband raving. So, having purchased Season 1 as a gift for said hubby, I bit the bullet and found out what everyone else already knew. Television had finally produced a scripted series to get excited about.

Once I fell, I fell hard. John Hamm became (and remains) my TV dream crush. Don Draper is the kind of sexy, charming anti-hero I’m drawn to even though I despise all his actions and attitudes. I have no patience for Betty, but the office staff – now they are a great bunch of characters. Selfish, determined, vulnerable and drunk, they provide some of the best ensemble acting scenes I’ve ever seen. Of course, their characters are a tribute to incredible one-liners provided by talented, gifted writers. But, as much as I love it, I never identified personally with any of the characters. (More like, My God, I hope I’m not like any of these people.) Mad Men seems more entertaining voyeurism than anything else.

But when I saw  a fun on-line “Which Mad Men Are You” pop up on Facebook, I couldn’t resist. You can try it here:  http://www.amctv.com/shows/mad-men/which-mad-men-are-you. If you had asked me to guess my own result, I might have said Peggy. I answered the 7 questions as honestly as I could (given that they’re deliberately loaded with allusions to the show). Turns out, I’m a Joan.

Joan Holloway, Season 1. From Wikipedia

I was surprised. Other than our ample proportions (which the quiz does not ask about), I didn’t see it. My first reaction, “Isn’t she kind of a B?” So I posted my result on Facebook and Twitter, knowing any friends who hadn’t already seen it would want to play. Lo and behold, I received immediate feedback that I am “100% a Joan.” What?

I went back to read Mad Men’s summary of Joan Holloway:

At the office, you’re in control and fast with a quip. You’re sassy and complicated. You know exactly what your best assets are – and how to dress to show them off. You’re very desirable, and you might even say you’ve got a few things in common with Marilyn Monroe. You worry about how you might end up, leading to compromises in your personal life, where your control seems to be slipping lately.

Hmmm…maybe I’m OK with being Joan.

My personal Mad Men avatar image


6 thoughts on “I’m a Joan

  1. It turns out that I’m a Joan on the “Mad Men” personality test AND a Joan in real life. I wouldn’t have guessed that based on how I answered their questions, but I’m totally good with it. Who wouldn’t want to be a redheaded-sassy-bombshell gal?


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