Reblogging my theatre-geek excitement: Les Miserables – THE MOVIE!!

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Theatre Thursdays: Les Miserables – THE MOVIE!!1.

Thank you Lady Geek Girl and Friends for this post that got my heart pumping this morning. I, too, am an enormous Les Miserables fan. It’s the kind of high-octane, high-drama, amazing-harmony musical that I love. And I’ve seen it performed on a variety of levels — from high school stage to Broadway touring production. I have such fond memories of my friends performing excerpts. The late great Joe Bass brought me to tears every time he sang Bring Him Home.” And there was never a more entertaining, if tone deaf, Master of the House than Wayne Buidens. To hear the opening bar of the overture is to take me back to the years I lived in the world of theater.

Although I no longer live in that world, I’m still a Les Miz fanatic. I’ve become a little obsessed with the 25th anniversary production that PBS airs during every pledge drive. I watch it over and over, making my husband and sons crazy. Now Hollywood is planning a movie! And it’s starring one of my Broadway/Hollywood crushes, Hugh Jackman. Finally, casting someone who can sing in a singing role! As you can see on Lady Geek’s blog, the cast is top notch. But what will Hollywood do to this operatic musical? I shudder to think about the very real possibility that they will kill its glory.

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