Knock, knock … who’s there?

I am officially a guest blogger! Who would’ve thought?

I am so excited to contribute to the reading and reviewing project at easyondeyes. You should definitely take a look at what they have going on.

Knock, knock … who’s there?.


And…a Tuesday addition to this…my guest post is posted.

A special thank-you to my new friends at easyondeyes.

4 thoughts on “Knock, knock … who’s there?

  1. You’re a natural as a guest blogger! I love reading your book reviews — I’ve got my next reads all queued up for the summer.

    Random question: do you find that your reading patterns change with the season? I see lists for the best “beach books” in the summer, but I’ve often wondered if people really change up their reading lists based on the time of year. What do you think?


    • I love a good book list, what’s on yours?
      I don’t know if lists change based on season except that I for one (used to) have more time to read it the summer. It just feels more leisurely. And, because I’m reading more books, I’m more likely to mix in some popular fiction or even a trashy novel (50 Shades perhaps).


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