A goodbye garden party

I don’t like “good-byes” but I do like a good party. Last night I had the chance to say goodbye to many of the friends I’ve made over 20 years with the same company. These pictures don’t come close to capturing all the love and support I’ve felt, but they do show what a good time we had.

I will be ever-grateful for everything I learned about myself, about writing and about pushing forward during my time and many, many jobs at Wednesday Journal, Inc.


With Graham, a fellow “grew up in the company” friend. Wit & sarcasm, balanced with a fun-loving spirit and the tech savvy I needed I often.

With Patti, my former boss & long-time friend. She inspires me to push beyond my comfort zone. Plus she could teach a course in Pep Talks.

We could start a club called, “I used to be a CP Salesperson.”

Kim and I in stripes. I would have never predicted what great friends we’d become when she first started at CP.

And, of course, my family by my side. Thanks little buddy.

4 thoughts on “A goodbye garden party

  1. Perfection–very well said. Although I think my kids would argue that I’m probably not the best choice for teaching any type of class on “Pep Talks”–unless, of course, you include “Clean your room or your grounded” as a ‘pep talk’!


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