It’s great to feel appreciated

Thanks to Diane Hiller at Pleasant Valley Sunday for nominating me for the Reader’s Appreciation Award. Diane is a fellow Chicago area mom so I know she understands the challenges and rewards involved in blogging. I am honored to accept the award and pay it forward…Here are my nominations for the Reader Appreciation Award:

1. Butterflies and Mudpies is another Chicago area parent’s blog. Molly writes with such refreshing honesty and conviction, that no matter what topic she battles, I am always impressed by her insights. I love that she writes for “everyone and no one in particular.”

2. Coco J. Ginger Says provides me with an ongoing jolt of beautiful, thought-provoking creative writing. Unlike the diary-style blogs I frequently follow, this writing appeals to my book-loving self.

3. Me Myself and Kids provides me with a wonderful guy’s perspective on life and fatherhood. His posts are well-written and entertaining, spanning a variety of topics.

4. The Thing About Joan delights me every time. Whether Joan is suggesting “Boredom Busters,” providing a delicious recipe, or simply revealing bits of herself, she does it in a lovely approachable style.

5. Just Another Manic Mommy is another diary style blog, but with a beautiful and entertaining mix of pictures and text.

6. Easyondeyes is a blog that loves books as much as I do. They are on a mission to read and review 366 books in 366 days (with a little help from their friends). I love the variety of material and welcoming atmosphere (Full disclosure: I’m honored to have been a guest blogger on their site.)

Now it’s your turn to nominate your favorites! Recipients of this award should nominate six of their favorites, copy the Award logo onto their site and acknowledge the one who nominated you!

There are many more that I love to read. And, since I’ve nominated bloggers for other honors, I tried not to repeat. I really must get that blog roll widget working…

5 thoughts on “It’s great to feel appreciated

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