Caught dead reading…

First off, all credit for this image goes to a Tumblr blog I follow, Book Mania. When I saw this, I just cracked up and had to share with my own followers.

I do wonder what my book titles say about me. Most people who know my in real like just think, “Man, there’s a woman with too much time on her hands, she’s always got a new book with her.” But that just goes to show how wrong we can be.

This quote also reminds my of my mom’s advice to always ask myself how it would look on the 10 o’clock news before I do something (especially involving parenting decisions.) “Would you be able to stand by that decision if your saw it broadcast around the country?” Would I want everyone in the world to see me reading this book?

It got me thinking, which book would I not want to be “caught dead reading?”

I think I have to go with any of the 50 Shades… trilogy. I haven’t read them so I’m not judging (much), but of all the great literature I read, that’s not what I’d want to be caught with.

What about you?

15 thoughts on “Caught dead reading…

  1. Errr, the first book that came to my mind after reading the words on that image was 50 Shades too 🙂 I was at a bookshop recently looking for “Between shades of grey” but when I asked the owner to help, he mistook it for 50 Shades :)…funny moment…had to correct him and have him direct me to the right isle 🙂


  2. My 80 year old Aunt came to visit over the weekend. Guess what she’s reading, yep 50 Shades – the trilogy. She’d never heard of it and picked them up at a bargain price. She said she’s learning things she never knew! 🙂


  3. I agree with you, but no problem as I know it will never happen! Any of the megabuster trilogies are in that camp, most of them I have read one or tow and then stopped, but with 50 shades my time is far too precious to give it to that. Totally in support of the author, just no need for me to indulge.


  4. I wouldn’t want to die not reading. In my opinion books are all good. there’s one to suit all your different moods. I’m not a fan of trilogies either but I’ll be finishing Fifty Shades this week. I’m just a lover of books and am not so snobby about it. It’s like fashion! I don’t like anyone telling me what I should and shouldn’t wear. I wear what looks good on me. I’m on holiday in the south-west of France and relaxing so Fifty Shades can be read quickly. It’s ok and the writing needs some serious improvement. I’m just plain gluttonous when it comes to books. The only things I won’t read are Harlequin romances and westerns. So I guess it those books i wouldn’t want someone to catch me reading. Although that would never happen.


    • I love the idea of a book glutton. Can I I be one too? And while I’m jumping on your bandwagon…the holiday in the south fo France sounds fantastic too. Enjoy your gluttony and keep reading!


      • Yes I will. I’m right in the middle of Insurgent and keep getting interupted by visits and winding roads. I can’t read when the road winds. I hope to finish and have a post up within the next 3 days.


  5. HAHA! I’m right there with you in regards to 50 Shades. It’s just not my cup of tea. When people ask me why I don’t read it, I say, “I read enough VC Andrews books when I was 13. I just don’t need book porn at this time.”


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