Virtually absent

I’m not writing. I’m not really pinning, tweeting or commenting either. I am virtually absent.

I could say it’s because I’m working too hard, but that’s not really an excuse. Everyone is working hard. True, my day job actually fills my days and my family fills my evenings, but that hasn’t stopped me the past couple months. And I know it doesn’t stop the many accomplished bloggers whose writing I follow.

I don’t know why, but my mojo has vanished.

As if that weren’t bad enough, I’m not reading. I pick up a book, read a few pages and put it down. I’ve tried switching titles and genres to no avail. I am seriously in a funk. And, frankly, it’s a little bit scary. Being a reader is so much a part of my identity that I’m not sure who I am without a book (or two or three) at my fingertips.

So, I am the first to admit this is a lame little blog post today, but I’m simply trying to push through and get back in the groove. I beg your forgiveness and I ask that if you see my mojo anywhere, you please send it back my way.

17 thoughts on “Virtually absent

  1. Sorry you’re in a funk! We’ve all been there, and I’m sure you’ll pull through and get back into the groove of reading and writing again soon. Perhaps this is just your mind telling you to take a little break and rest your brain so you can come back better than ever! Good luck 🙂


    • I hope you’re right about coming back stronger. I’m confident I just need that good spark of inspiration. The lovely blog support was sure a reaffirming treat when I came home today.


  2. Why don’t you try writing about something different. maybe just write once a week and pick up a book that you would never normally pick up or just plain take a break. It happens sometimes. It will come back.


  3. Maybe there were just too many words. Try picking up a coffee table book on a visual subject that really moves you–a certain painter, a fashion icon, a celebrated photographer. Then just get lost in the images and let your mind wander without a thought to writing any of it down. Love you.


  4. I think when life transitions it’s easy to get out of your groove and get into a funk. Summer is nearing an end, you’re working full-time and the kids are about to go back to school if they haven’t already. Give yourself some time. When, I started my current job 5 months ago all I could do was work and family. As I have adjusted to my work-from-home environment and other things, I have time now to read, catch up on the DVR. I, however; have not been listening to music. That’s where I have lost my mojo. So out of character, but it happens when life changes. You fit more into your day than many people fit into a week. Cut yourself a break.


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  6. By now, I’m sure you’ve gotten your mojo back, but I wanted to drop a comment anyway. At times, I’ve lost my writing mojo, my cooking mojo, my knitting mojo, etc. If I have ever had it, I’ve also lost it for stretches of time.

    And the thing I learned about losing my mojo is that it can be a fickle thing for me to get back. I’ve decided that these periods when I simply can’t write/blog/knit/cook/read are really a chance to rest and recharge.

    At least, that’s what I tell myself. 🙂


    • Thanks Joan. My mojo has teased me with its return but my brutal schedule keeps pushing it away. I am really trying to keep in my mind that my blog should be the last thing to stress me out — but I feel a responsibility to myself to see my way through obstacles and stick with this. I love the support I’ve felt from the blogosphere.
      PS Did you see on Facebook that Chicago Parent is looking for new bloggers? Put your hat in that ring.


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