Daily Prompt: Quote Me


Although I’ve followed WordPress‘s Daily Prompt for many months, I have not often jumped on board and followed up with a post. They may rattle around in the back of my mind and inspire me days, weeks or even month’s later. But this one stopped me. This is easy I thought.

I love quotes. I Pin quotes. I Google Quotes. I eagerly await the Daily Quote from Goodreads. I stop what I’m reading to copy quotes.

But a quote to which I return over and over? That challenge narrowed the field considerably. I have several quotes about reading and books, but they are not where I turn for inspiration or motivation. When I’m in a bad place, or in need of a push, I turn to the brilliant Toni Morrison.

If you wanna fly

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Quote Me

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  2. Brilliant, I love quotes and always seek a new one to put up every time I write a new review or post, when I realised that I was losing them each time I updated, I created a separate page to keep them, now an excellent reference.


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