Happy Mothers Day

As I went I search of a new Facebook cover photo to honor Mothers Day, I realize I have a scant few shots of just my mom and I. Given that she is my best friend and very present in my life, I’m a little surprised until I stop to realize. It is always she or I who is taking the picture.

We are the recorders of our families’ histories. In word, on film and via Facebook posts, we tell the story.

In this, as in so many ways, my mom is my inspiration. We differ in style and form, but are identical in our desire to share and analyze. I know my desire to create was born of my mom. “You are an artist,” she tells me. I’ve sometimes scoffed at that, but she patiently and passionately reminds me that art takes many forms.

In everything I’ve done she has been ahead of me, beside me, behind me –laying the ground work, offering help, cheering me on. By example she has shown me confidence, strength of character and true friendship. She doesn’t let me off the hook when I’m whining. She has, and will likely again, defend me to my critics. She loves me unconditionally.

Ultimately she inspires me to be a strong person outside anyone’s singular definition of me — mom, wife, colleague, friend, writer.

What more could a woman ask for in a mother?

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