#100happydays: Days 11-20

#100happydays began as an Instagram exercise in gratitude, a challenge to take a moment to be purposefully thankful for the many happy moments that make up my days.

Because this is an Instagram project, I am limiting myself to something I can photograph. Likewise, I use very few words to describe these images. Days 11-20 mostly fell during my family’s annual vacation at Beachwalk Resort.  I probably could have posted 100 happy moments for each day of our vacation, but here is what I chose.

11Day 11: Fresh haircuts for these handsome boys.

12Day 12: Officially in my happy place.#beachwalk #terrapinstation

13Day 13: He caught one! #fishing #beachwalk #lakekai



14Day 14: Brothers #topdog #beachwalk

15Day 15: 2 Pats, a sunset, a football & Lake Michigan. Perfect!

16Day 16: So great to have a couple of days with Mima. #beachwalk



17Day 17. A chill in the air won’t stop @matty1217 #pool #beachwalk

18Day 18: Blueberry picking at Billy Boy’s. #tradition — at Billy Boy’s Blueberry Farm.

19Day 19: A week of happy days and wonderful memories with these 3 angels. Bye-bye Beachwalk.



20Day 20: Celebrating family and the first wedding anniversary of @chrisuphues and @jenkoehl



How about you? How do you practice gratitude?

All the images in this post are my own. Please don’t use them as yours.

11 thoughts on “#100happydays: Days 11-20

  1. Looks like you had such a blast! I used to love family vacations as a kid, they definitely comprise the majority of my best memories. 🙂 I’ve been attempting to SHOW my gratitude towards others in addition to verbalizing it. Saying “thank you” is awesome, but not reciprocating thoughtfulness makes the words almost seem hollow to me. It’s tough (cause I’m lazy), but I want to be remembered as the girl no one could say or think something bad about! Have fun with your next week of happy!!


    • What an awesome goal, especially for someone of your age. I don’t think your generation gets enough credit for thoughtfulness.
      And I’m glad to hear you hold vacation memories dear. That’s certainly what we hope to give our sons. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


    • No one has ever told me that but it’s one of the nicest compliments because I love Kate Winslet and think she’s as sexy as hell so THANK YOU!!! I’m really glad I forced the boys to take this picture because I love how it turned out. Thanks for the love.


  2. What an amazing idea! I have been struggling with my fitness goals, but reading this helped me keep my eye on the prize and get moving. I did great last week, but this week I have been stationary. It’s hard for me to accept that even going for a 20 min run is good. I don’t have to run a 10k every day!


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