#100HappyDays: Days 21-30

#100happydays began as an Instagram exercise in gratitude, a challenge to take a moment to be purposefully thankful for the many happy moments that make up my days.

Because this is an Instagram project, I am limiting myself to something I can photograph. Likewise, I use very few words to describe these images. I read that many people who started this project gave up somewhere in the 20s, so I’m feeling pretty happy that I’m still going strong.

21Day 21: S’mores on the deck last night with loved ones.

22Day 22: Happy to be reminded of my theater days and all the wonderful, talented, hilarious people I’ve known. #shrubtown #circletheatre

23Day 23: Just being surrounded by so many books makes me happy. @TheBookTableOP — at The Book Table


24Day 24: On my deck at 5:15. Ahhh.#perfect

25Day 25: Making school uniform shopping a little more fun. #icecream

26Day 26: So blessed to have wonderful ladies on my life. This is my gorgeous niece @meghawk2 — at Palmer House.


27Day 27: I love that our weekend breakfast options include both fresh tortillas from Masa Uno and bakery from Vesecky’s #whyberwyn

28Day 28: Reading @nytimesbooks. Now an even bigger fan of @AmyBloomBooks. The sunshine & Fiore bakery definitely don’t hurt either.

Day 29: Connor’s been working on his flips off the diving board. Yesterday he really got full rotation. (This was an Instagram video, which I’m having trouble linking to my blog – sorry.)
30Day 30: Always happy to get a fresh pedi, but happier for quality time with Bethanny.




How about you? How do you practice gratitude?

All the images in this post are my own. Please don’t use them as yours.

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