8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I love my library

  1. I LOVE THIS and agree with every single one! I am a faithful patron of my local library and this was a great reminder of why I love it so much!
    I would add Story Times to your list–I love being at the library on Saturday mornings when the kids are getting out of story time–so much enthusiasm!


  2. Wow! I can totally relate to some of these entries 😀
    Yet, most of these perks I got to enjoy by working in the library as a staff before (through a working scholarship program).

    The library is always teeming with surprises — from authors to bookworms alike. We’re lucky to find these aren’t we?

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  3. I absolutely love my local library! My neighborhood branch is within walking distance of my house and has become part of my weekend routine. It always makes me happy to see the range of people using the library and how much it does for the community. Plus, holds are the best!!


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