An Explanation

It will come as no surprise to all the wonderful people who followed this blog that I haven’t posted in a very long time. And yet alenaslife remains here in the cyberworld. No updates. Unhidden.  Open to discovery, but unchanging. Many of you have reached out to me via comments, or recently via Twitter, to inquire, to voice concern, to wonder.

I owe you an explanation.

It’s simple. My blog began to feel more of an obligation than a pleasure. It was one more thing in my day, my week, my life that I had to get done, that needed my attention, that took up my time. I grew resentful. It’s silly because none of you demanded anything of me, yet I felt beholden just the same.

So I simply stopped. I stopped posting, I stopped reading and commenting on my favorite bloggers.

I continue to read. I continue to write about what I read (on Goodreads). I continue to live my life. I continue to miss the relationships I built online with remarkable writers, interesting women & men and fellow book lovers.

I’m still not ready to come back to this supportive, engaging world of bloggers. But I’m also not ready to shut it down and say a final “goodbye.” Please bear with me as I float in limbo.