Monday Quote: Motherhood

“(24/7) once you sign on to be a mother, that’s the only shift they offer.”
Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

I think of this work shift as I attempt to balance a professional life, marriage, friendships and, of course, reading & writing, into my world of motherhood. Yesterday was a lovely day as I felt very keenly the love of my mother, the love of my sons and ultimately the love of my wild, funny, terrific set of extended family and friends.

I am so blessed to be raising sons among people who truly value my role as mother. They love me, cherish me and lift me up on occasion. Even with all those gifts, motherhood is hard work. It never stops. I am “Mom” wherever I am. That title does not disappear when I am at work, out with friends or at book club. The responsibilities of motherhood do not disappear when we change location or have room service.

But when I start to feel overwhelmed by the “never-endingness” of this job I took almost 12 years ago, I remember also that their love is endless. I will forever be adored in a way that has no equal.

My sons may not behave perfectly, but they love me 24/7. That is payment beyond measure.

5 thoughts on “Monday Quote: Motherhood

  1. I love the quote from My Sister’s Keeper. I have read that book a couple of times and probably put a lot of thought into it when I read it in the book, but I didn’t keep it in my mind. We need it posted everywhere in the world, so maybe more women would think twice before entering into motherhood. I feel the world could be a much better place if all mothers used it as their motto. Thanks for your lovely post.


    • Yes, even when you go into motherhood with eyes wide open it’s tremendously hard, which is why I caution, “You’d better really want it.”
      Glad to see another Picoult fan here.


  2. Hoping you had a wonderful Mother’s day! Also, we had dropped you a mail couple of days back after we got your review. We have been wanting to put up your book review but haven’t heard from you. 🙂


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