I’ll tell you mine and you tell me yours.


I’d love to know what everyone is reading. Just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading? • What did you recently finish reading? • What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading? In paperback I am rereading one of my favorite books, The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson. It topped my 2011 books and I’m happy to report that it’s just as good the second time around. On audio I’m listening to Elizabeth Berg‘s The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted — a short story collection. It started off really strong, but 5 of 7 discs in, I’m getting a little tired of her voice.

What did you recently finish reading? Finally got around to reading The Catcher in the Rye, which I didn’t love. Also finished Junot Diaz, This is How You Lose Her, which I liked despite not liking the primary narrator.

What do you think you’ll read next? I have no idea what I’ll read next, which is sort of refreshing. I’ll hit the library later today and see what strikes my fancy. It’s not like I don’t have options with 300+ titles on my Goodreads To-Read shelf.

What are your W…W…W… titles?

14 thoughts on “W…W…W…Wednesday

  1. I’m not reading anything and I’m kicking myself because of it. I also just realized I don’t have an activity tonight, no practices, no games, no meetings…nothing. A perfect night to start something new. Hmmm….I’m looking forward to discovering a new adventure. I’ll have to peruse your list. 🙂


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  3. I loved THE FAMILY FANG. Okay, currently reading GHANA MUST GO, and taking my time with this one because the language is so beautiful. I just read FALLING TO EARTH by Kate Southwood. And I have no idea what I’ll read next–always depends on my mood.


  4. Reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn after finishing Gone Girl. Next up is back to my usual zombie horror…haven’t picked yet!


  5. Ooooooh you don’t know what you’re reading next! Such freedom! Enjoy the process!
    Currently reading Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and Search for Identity. Really interesting but also slightly terrifying. But good. Just finished Maeve Binchy’s Circle of Friends which was the perfect read to cleanse my palate from Out of Oz. Binchy always comes through when you need her. And next….will probably be Villette or Mary S. Lovell’s The Churchills. Not sure about following non fiction up with more non fiction though. Variety is the spice of life and all that…


    • My mom loved FAR FROM THE TREE, but it looks a little overwhelming for a “pleasure” read. It’s been a long time since I read any Binchy, but I know what you mean about go-to authors.
      On to Vampires in the Lemon Grove for me since it was waiting for me. I also have a Kate Morton for audio so I’m set for the next week.


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